boys and girls of every age,
                      wouldn’t you like to see something strange?

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"When Oliver and Felicity get together, the stakes go higher because she’s in the field and he’s also in love with her."

David Ramsey (X)

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Here’s hoping everyone can find their chill now. Or….you know, look for another way to complain about Felicity being in the presence of another man. Please feel free to like his comment here.

Thank you, God. 

And Marc. 

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So is Felicity going to wear Green everytime she’s in a scene with Ray now? First the dress when she went to accept the job offer from Ray and now the beautiful checkered one, on her way to work for Ray. I feel like that is significant seeing that the supposed Green fckn Arrow is now starting to pine for her


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Oliver’s face in this picture pretty much says how much he loves Felicity

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'what if i went with u' bye guys see you all in therapy it was fun while it lasted

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Yeah, you do.

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Captain Swan + Olicity  (Date Parallels)

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Laurel and Nyssa in 3.04 (x)

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